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Monday, May 23, 2016

Do You Allow Your Thoughts to Torture You?

When your thoughts are allowed to do as they wish, wandering about, flitting from subject to subject, or remaining stagnant in one single place while you ruminate over and over about whatever it is that worries or frightens you; when you are not in charge of your thoughts, then you will generally find yourself in a position of being tortured by them. They come and go - seemingly of their own volition - and carry you in their relentless wake, often threatening to pull you under into a place that can only be likened to Dante's Inferno, an unending hell of servitude to those same thoughts. Furthermore, those same thoughts also bring about feelings that are typically negative, whether they are stressful, angry, impatient, painful, sad, frightened, or anxious, or any other variation thereof.

Is this really something you want?

I imagine you are already shaking your head, because who would want something of this nature? Who would want to be tortured like this, and who would want to be held in the continual thrall of thoughts that are not ones that you would voluntarily have?

What can you do? Distracting yourself, or soothing yourself with addictions of any kind, ranging from drugs, alcohol and indiscriminate sex to rampant shopping, gambling, under- or over-eating, work-aholism or frantic socializing, are clearly not the answer, and yet, that is precisely what many people choose to do. And of course the result is never positive. It merely drags them down further.

Conversely, others seek spiritual answers, or meditate, or read many wonderful books, or go to numerous inspiring workshops. And yet, many of these people also find that this is not the answer. At least not if they are not consciously changing their lives by adopting some of the teachings they find in the books or workshops.

And so, those who continue in their place of pain or chaos or desperation, eventually find themselves in a place where they know that they no longer wish to remain. And then they finally begin to make some changes. And one of these changes, that impacts enormously on the weight of those unbidden and tortuous thoughts, is the decision to become conscious. Such a decision means that the one who now chooses your thoughts is you, as opposed to you being the one to whom the thoughts come. Oh, they will still come, but you - because you are conscious - will immediately decide whether these are thoughts you wish to entertain or not. This alone can change the course of your life in an unparalleled fashion.

Are you choosing your thoughts today?
Are you choosing to become conscious today?


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