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Friday, February 12, 2016

Look Carefully at What's Bothering You

Sometimes using your surroundings as a mirror, can be an excellent exercise in getting to know yourself on levels to which you frequently don't have immediate access. By allowing that what appears out there in your life might in fact, be closely related to something that goes on inside of you, you could perhaps begin to understand yourself in fresh ways.

You may be familiar with the idea that a problem will not release its hold on you until you have resolved something on an entirely different level inside of you. And so you may meet that very same problem in differing situations or via totally different people who walk into your life over a question of months, years, or even decades, depending on how long it takes you to recognize whatever it is that you are meant to understand.

This could be relationship patterns which I discuss at length in my book The Tao of Spiritual Partnership, or it could be something of an entirely different nature such as why you keep feeling responsible for people who should be carrying their own weight which I discuss in Rewiring the Soul. Also something of a relationship pattern, but in this instance, not necessarily a love relationship, but a relationship where you tell yourself the individual in question might be helpless, or know so much less than you do, or you want to be kind and compassionate, or it is so much quicker for you to do it than for them to learn it painstakingly. Sometimes these people can be called energy vampires and you might have poor boundaries.

However you regard it, individuals of this type will continue to pop in and out of your life until you recognize that we are each responsible for ourselves and our own lives, and hence perhaps the bit that needs learning here - on your part - is the fact that you can not make yourself responsible for another individual, assuming they are not a child, or suffer from a major disability of some kind.

Of course the mirrors that may appear in our lives could also be those that point to an impatience we have whenever we are forced to take something slowly: we might be stuck behind a very slow person in line at the bank, we might have to face congested and slow-moving traffic, we might break a bone and have to slow down the frantic activity of our lives in order to take time to learn to live with this fracture until it heals. Looking at these circumstances as opportunities to understand yourself in a more clear fashion, and recognizing that they actually lead the process of your own growth further, is an added benefit of this kind of mindset. And as always, it is your choice.


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