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Monday, February 22, 2016

Committing to the Soul of Your Relationship

What are the things you talk about with your partner? What are the typical things you do together? Might your lists look a bit like this:

What we talk about:
  • the kids
  • the next vacation
  • what to have for dinner
  • the mortgage
  • your job
  • my job
  • your colleagues
  • my colleagues
  • we need a new car
  • the schooling costs are getting too high ... what can we do?
  • the neighbours
  • your parents
  • my parents
  • our friends
  • the news, the economy, taxes
What we do together:
  • go to church
  • go to the cinema
  • eat out
  • go to a sports event
  • attend a social event with friends and family
  • play sports
  • play cards
  • play games (together - online or not)
  • go for a walk
  • go to the gym
  • go shopping
  • go on vacation
  • watch a movie together on TV
  • prepare a meal together
What's wrong with these scenarios? Aren't each of the points those things we talk about and do together in a very normal way? Don't they signify that what we do is 'normal' and probably healthy? Yes. Of course. However, there is no soul there.

The things we talk about together and do together in the normal way of life are all important and necessary in order to live normal, decently happy, and efficient lives in our culture, but they bring us little or no soul, and they certainly do not connect us on a soul level. Without such a soul connection - or inner and deep connection in our partnerships and relationships - we will have a very hard time keeping those relationships going in the wonderful and miraculous ways they potentially can.

Think about it: when do you truly feel connected to your partner? Certainly, physical closeness, intimacy and sex form part of it (or not), but I'm talking more of a connection established when you talk and communicate. Isn't it always when you speak from your inner self as opposed to about outer events or problems? Or isn't it when you talk about those outer events or issues from an inner perspective? Does that not draw you in to a closeness with your partner that is not there on that level if you stay on the outer level alone?

Allowing closeness; allowing vulnerability; allowing the other to see your doubts, apprehension, distrust, suspicion, and fear on that profoundly personal level that is deeply emotional will do much more to bring soul into your relationship than any kind of physical intimacy can - although, conversely - precisely with such deep communication, physical intimacy has the potential of becoming - even after decades of being together - more passionate than it ever was when attraction, chemistry, and that other level of love were the only thing fueling it.

Give this some thought ... the soul of your relationship depends on it.


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