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Monday, October 5, 2015

Love & the Formless

What do you fall in love with when you fall in love? Might it be a character trait? A twinkle in the other's eye? That jet black hair? Those blue eyes? Being so self-assured? The way he/she dances? The cosmopolitan air of the world-traveler? That incredible cooking? The constant smile on his/her lips? The palpable need to make a difference? Financial stability? Such erudition? So well-read? Such an outstanding tennis player? So tender?

Would you agree with me that much of the above is related to something material? Not, I hasten to add, just to money per se, but to something that is more related with how an individual lives his life, as opposed to how he is beyond the material. Let me explain a bit more. Much of what a person becomes as he is raised into adulthood has to do with the outer, material world - the world of form. That is eminently logical, because we live in a world of form. We tend to look for our joy, our satisfaction, our success, and our happiness in that world of form. How could we not?

But as we grow, we may come to realize that we are no longer able to find all of that in the world of form. Somehow the world of form has taken on a more empty aspect, and we need to continue to look for different, or greater areas of form, through which to source that joy, satisfaction, success, and happiness that we were once able to find, and now so desperately seek to regain.

Of course this doesn't happen to everyone, because not everyone gets to this point of understanding. Lest you think I'm separating 'us' from 'them', please don't. For some of us the time is right to reach greater understanding, but none of those for whom the time is not yet right, deserve any manner of judgement or criticism from us - they are simply at a place at which we found ourselves as well at an earlier time, and they haven't yet caught up to our place. It's not up to you to decide the excellence or the goodness of someone based on how far they have come in their inner growth. That is their business. It is your business to concern yourself with your inner growth. You would no more look down on a child in grade one just because you are already in university, than you should look down on someone who has not yet understood the central idea of this post.

So here you are: you have recognized that the world of form is simply no longer supplying you with that which you used to derive from it. So you begin another kind of search that is no longer based on form. You look within. You seek within. You begin to connect to yourself in ways you had never even realized were possible. You may begin to meditate or practice mindfulness. You may begin to separate yourself from much that once was very important to you, simply because you realize it is part of the world of form, and you are more interested in that which is formless. And you begin to realize that there is a much greater sensation of joy, satisfaction, success, and happiness when you focus on it from that inner point of view ... from the formless.

Now consider that you also begin to assimilate the idea that this person with whom you fell in love (of whom I made mention in the initial paragraph of this post), is filled with (if I may used such a contradictory analogy) the formless, just as you are. And that this formless element of the beloved is so much more who or what they really are, than all those other, more material aspects, with which you - initially - fell in love. And this formless element of the beloved is so much greater than all the rest. And that you can now - as can they - begin the process of falling in love with the formless in them. This is the miracle of spiritual partnerships, about which I wrote an entire book (get an excerpt here). Eckhart Tolle states most beautifully: Love is the recognition of the formless in the other.

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