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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Love: No Matter What

It's so easy to love those close to us, the ones that treat us well, and the ones who cause us no suffering. The matter begins to get complicated when you try to love those who treat you badly, who denigrate you, who let you know in some fashion that they don't care for you, and who make you suffer, not to mention all those who are barely on your radar, but they are there. These are the people you pass on the street, the beggar, the homeless person, the dirty person, the one who sing-songs to him or herself while walking down the street, the bad drivers, the inconsiderate drivers and parkers, the customer service agent at your cable company, the neighbor on the corner who always leaves out his garbage cans for two days after the trucks passed by and makes your street look messy, the other neighbor across the hall whom you've never even properly met, and who plays such awful music so loudly every Saturday and Sunday morning when you're trying to sleep in late, and a long list of etceteras.

How on earth can you love all of these people? 

Let's assume you are interested in spiritual growth. Let's further assume you want to evolve as much as you possibly can. You already participate in many activities that move you in that direction. Perhaps you are a member of some kind of spiritual community that gathers at regular intervals to discuss and meditate. Perhaps you practice mindfulness when you are on your own. Perhaps you spend time reading books on these subjects, listening to seminars, viewing videos, and attending retreats or conferences geared in this direction. So we could truly come to the conclusion that you are doing a great deal with the best of intentions to move your growth in the right direction. But maybe, just maybe, you aren't actually working on the matter of loving everyone.

It's actually a huge matter in your life - my life - everyone's life. It's not a matter that should be shelved for a better day. It's not a matter to be ignored just because - at least initially - it doesn't give you (me) the uplifting vibe that you get by sitting in communion with your fellow seekers. Being conscious about loving all those people described in the first paragraph above, and then setting it into practice, even when your initial reaction is impatience, anger, disgust - that is the hard part. And that is also the part that will never come into being if you don't practice all the time.

So how do you get there? I'm not anywhere near there myself, so all I can tell you is how I go about attempting to strengthen this muscle inside of me. I intend it. So when that idiot does something that almost creates an accident, or when that inconsiderate person left his/her car double-parked locking mine into place and is nowhere to be found, or when that dirty person asks me for money, or when the rude customer service agent from the electricity company interrupts me for the third time, or when a member of my family hurts me, ignores me, or a friend lets me down, and so on, I breathe in, mentally offer a 'bless you', and breathe out, telling myself that while I am not yet quite sure how to love this person, or how to love this person - that I already love due to our relationship - but how to love this person under these specific circumstances, I intend it, and while I am intending it, I will try to send them love - perhaps only love from my rational mind, and not yet my heart, but if I repeat this process day after day, with all the wonderful challenges life offers me in order to be able to firm up that love muscle, I will get there.

Because here's the thing: if you don't do this, if you don't consciously attempt it at each and every turn of the road, every single day, you will never be able to get very far on that road to spiritual enlightenment: to higher consciousness. It's as though - by not doing this, no matter how many other spiritually-connected things you do, or how pious you are, and no matter how much you meditate - you are forever remaining at some kind of kindergarten level in the spiritual arena. Begin by intending and you will get there. Loving all others - no matter what - is, perhaps, our ultimate challenge.


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