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Friday, February 6, 2015

Energy Set in Motion By Your Intentions

When you intend to go walking, you probably wind up taking a walk. When you intend to cook a pot of chili, in all likelihood, your family will sit down to chili that evening. When you intend to be kind, loving, or compassionate, you also set a specific energy into motion. But what happens when you intend to hurt, to harm, to lie, to damage, to insult, to belittle, to discourage, to compare, to criticize, to judge, to dislike? In the same way you set your walk 'into motion' by intending it, and in the same way you set your chili 'into motion' by intending to make it, so do you also set into motion another kind of energy when you intend any of the other scenarios indicated above.

You may - at first - not be aware of this, believing that all you are doing is reacting to someone who deserves whatever it is you are intending. (And of course, if they have said or done something that you are now reacting to, we might say that they were the first to set an intention into motion which released a specific kind of energy). However - you are not responsible for them, only for yourself, and therefore, even if you are reacting to something that was said or done to you, you are - with your intention - setting an energy in motion that could be toxic. It was Gary Zukav who wrote (in the late 80's): every intention sets energy into motion whether you are conscious of it or not.

Of course this begs the question why it may also happen that an individual has good intentions and very bad results. Martin Luther King, could be one of countless examples. But is it only important to look at the immediate results - the fact that he was assassinated? Or does it perhaps make more sense to consider that due to his intentions, segregation and a host of other racial ills in the USA were dealt with and faced in ways that might not have happened - or might have taken much longer - had it not been for MLK?

Think of the occasions in your life that you may have offered a hand to someone - in whatever fashion - with the intention of being companionable, kind, considerate, etc., and received a very negative reaction from that person. Here - if you only examine it from the point of view of the immediate reaction of that person in your life - you will conclude that your 'good' intention set off a negative energy. But how about this: is it not also possible that some of the more positive energy that comes back to you due to your intention is that you learn something from this encounter (assuming you are willing to look at it from more than just the perspective of blaming the other), and that you grow because of it?

Energy - in the way I am using it in this post - is intangible, and is often only recognized in hindsight. But realize that you - and I - and all of us - are part of it, and we contribute to its increase or decrease or its improvement not just by our words and deeds, but also by our inner energetic intentions.


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