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Friday, January 23, 2015

Stimulating Compassion Can Start With You

We hear much about being more compassionate, more altruistic, kinder, more caring, more loving, and much of the time this is directed out there in the sense that where we need to build these qualities in ourselves is in the way we deal with others ... with all others.

It is very true that doing this would not only promote greater well-being among people, but it would create a world that would look quite a bit different than the one we are used to.

I believe however, that possibly one of the reasons we lack greater compassion for the world out there - for our fellow human (and any sentient) beings - is because many of us haven't developed much of it for ourselves. Think about it: how can we possibly live a compassionate life - other than at determined moments, where we direct our compassion to others in general - if we don't experience compassion for ourselves?

I often ask clients - who easily understand that we need to be loving, tender, kind, caring, and compassionate with children - how it is that they are generally able to do this for their children, but then treat themselves with such harshness, such judgemental thoughts, such criticism, such demands of perfection. My next words are always about practicing said compassion for themselves, and underlining that the more they do this, the easier it will be for them to spread such compassion and caring out there for others.

That begs the question, of course, how this can be accomplished - especially in a person who has lived on this planet for some decades and has deeply ingrained habits.

Do this:

  • practice becoming mindful (there are numerous posts on my blogs about this, click on the label below, or read any of my books, or look on the internet and YouTube where you will find an amazing amount of information about this very beneficial habit). 
  • becoming mindful allows you to interact much more proactively with your own thoughts, catching the ones that are anything but compassionate and nipping them in the bud with a new self-dialogue
  • changing the self-dialogue will change how you choose to treat yourself and therein begins self-love
As your compassion and caring for yourself grows in frequency and quality, as well as in consistency, the light and warmth that spring up inside of you for you will support you in many different ways as you move towards being more compassionate and caring for all.


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