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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Really Being Alive

Recently I was invited to a celebration and professional recognition on the 25th anniversary of a friend's work in a specific sector of the hospitality industry. The fact that John (not his real name) was being honored thrilled me.

It also caused me to reflect on my own life in those past 25 years. John and I had coincided for a few years in the same profession. In some fashion I had been instrumental in moving him forward but the harvest he was now reaping from that move forward was entirely attributable to his own hard work. Shortly after my small influence on his life I not only left the profession, but also left the country.

And over the course of the next quarter of a century I did many things, faced many challenges, took many risks, had many successes and failures, and of course, I learned a lot. About life. About myself. About what was important to me. About what I was willing to do without and what I was not willing to do without. I refer to the inner life, of course.

And I realized that having taken the risk to leave what was a very prestigious position with excellent future prospects, and the guaranteed pension that would allow me to continue to live well, I had moved myself to another level - for me - of satisfaction and growth. But of course, as said, there was risk. And it was a risk that meant losing a measure of security in my life - at least for a time - and not knowing where I would end up. Very often - I have found in my life - it is in the voluntary (and sometimes even in the involuntary) giving up of security that I have reaped the most.

What did I stand to gain, apart from everything I have already mentioned? Really being alive. Really living my passion. Really following through on what had to that point only been mere inklings of where I wanted to go. What a prize!


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