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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tao of Impatience

Waiting while you're stuck in traffic. Waiting for the starting pistol to go off. Waiting for the slow person in front of you at the register to painstakingly count out his change. Waiting for a slow speaker to speak his piece. Waiting for a plant to bloom. Waiting for the moon to rise. Waiting, Waiting Waiting.

Impatience can easily erode your present-moment well-being. It can rob you of minutes and hours and days and weeks of inner peace, unless you decide to make a tao of it in the sense that a tao is a path for learning.

If you were to decide to choose that each time you feel impatient - even just the slightest bit - that you then use that moment to practice patience - or - put another way, to practice feeling good despite whatever it is that is causing you to be impatient, then you will soon find that all that used to make you impatient, is now in fact, the cause of an inner sensation of well-being.

Lest you think I've truly lost it today, let me remind you that how you feel is a choice you make at every moment in time, independent of outer circumstances. Happiness is a choice. Inner well-being is a choice. Inner peace is a choice. And so it stands to reason, that if you have chosen any (or all) of these modalities, then all which used to cause you to be impatient, either no longer has any power over you to make you feel so, or has become immaterial, because you simply no longer recognize the feeling you once knew as impatience. Your tao has had a result that has improved the quality of your life.

Anything we run across in life; anybody we run across in life, are all a possible tao to accept and look in the eye - with interest; with gratitude; and with the knowledge that it can serve a greater purpose for us. We can learn to grow from all situations and people in our lives. It's a choice. And it's yours to make.


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