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Monday, October 20, 2014

Two Quick Tips for Dealing with Stress

The ubiquity of stress in our modern world justifies the need for yet another article about the subject. Psychology - just as marketing - notes that until an individual has seen a new piece of information at least nine times, he/she may not absorb and assimilate it, and therefore, of course, won't apply it. And if you don't apply it, it won't help you when you are stressed. You may be aware of the fact that you've read numerous items about what to do, but that you still don't really know what that is, when push comes to shove.

These simple, user-friendly methods work quickly. The more you employ them, the more they help, and the greater their power to help you grows:
  1. Breathe. Breathe in through the nose to the count of 5 (alternatively, if you can, do it to the count of 8). Without allowing any of the air now in your lungs to escape, count to 10 (alternatively to 16). Now, very slowly, and from your pursed mouth, let small amounts of air leave your lungs to the count of 20 (alternatively 32). Repeat at least five times to get the benefit of feeling less stressed. Oxygen - and its effects on your organism - is why it works.
  2. Focus on Beauty. Wherever you are when you begin to feel stress of any kind, look for something beautiful in your immediate environment. Preferably something in nature. Perhaps you see something outside of the window (home, office, or car), or perhaps something in the place in which you find yourself. A plant, an exquisite rug or painting, a sculpture, shafts of sunlight in the room, a shapely lamp, etc. Now focus on the beauty of that. Really focus. Just for a few moments. Then allow yourself to feel gratitude for that beautiful thing in your life just now. Repeat immediately with four more beautiful things (or alternate the ones you have already focused on, if you can't see five different ones), to get the benefit of feeling less stressed. Being present - and in the now (where you are not thinking about the past or future thing that is stressing you) - is why it works.
The more you apply these simple tips, the stronger they become, so that they work much more quickly for you each subsequent time. You may need to repeat them frequently throughout the course of your day at first, but you will notice that after some time of practice, the frequent repetitions become less and less necessary.


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