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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Adversity: How You Think About It Can Make or Break You

Lives without adversity may exist in fairy tales, but as a matter of fact, it is precisely also in myth and fairy tales where as children we begin to 'deal' with adversity in the guise of the wicked witch, the evil stepmother, the cruel king, the three-eyed cyclopean monster, the fire-breathing dragon, to name just a few of those symbols of adversity that populated our imagination in childhood. Bruno Bettelheim, in his (very Freudian) The Uses of Enchantment, refers us to this 'learning' aspect of fairy tales, and Joseph Campbell, in many of his works, but perhaps more than others, in his The Hero With a Thousand Faces and in the DVD The Hero's Journey, gives voice to the fact that myth and fairy tale are merely analogies for our own heroic journeys throughout our life trajectories.

So let me ask: how do you think about adversity? Is it something to be 'gotten through' and 'overcome'? Is it something from which you have to distract yourself? Is it automatically something that will make you suffer?

Or is it a magnificent learning experience where you are given the opportunity (if you so choose) to be the hero of your own life? You see, the disparity in those two points of view, makes all the difference in how greatly you will suffer during the process. Adversity with a purpose that leads to understanding and growth, and to greater dimensions of the self as a well-rounded human being, and that further leads you to greater connection with yourself, and to caring more for yourself as you go through the adversity, is adversity well-used. The other kind is merely torture of varying degrees. You choose.


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