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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thieves of Your Peace of Mind

You know that when you are worried, the last thing you have is peace of mind. Likewise, when you are angry, you have no peace of mind. Or when you are sad, peace of mind is missing as well. Add to that any negative emotion you can think of, and you will realize that absolutely all of them steal your peace of mind.

And how do negative emotions occur?

Events happen to us, we 'react' to those events by the thoughts we have about them - often unconsciously, because buttons are being pushed - sometimes blindly, simply because that is how we always react to that kind of an event and have never given thought to the possibility that we could react another way - and thus we find ourselves in the midst of those dreaded negative emotions and most likely are blaming them on someone or something.

And yet there is another way. A way that allows you to choose your reactions to events and people; a way that allows you to find that which every person hopes for, which is peace of mind.


You begin by remaining aware as long as you can all day and every day, as opposed to lapsing into mindlessness. This requires attention and practice. You also begin by choosing to take on responsibility for how you feel at all times, as opposed to allowing outer events and circumstances dictate how you are going to feel. Imagine the freedom! You also choose to begin to learn how to soothe yourself in healthy ways when life threatens to be just a bit too much, and above all, you can choose to begin to learn how to love yourself.

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