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Friday, September 26, 2014

Are You Interested in Growth?

Our culture of 'instant' everything is teaching many - or causing many - to believe that the main purpose in their lives is to 'become' someone and to accumulate much. We speak a great deal about success, of reaching goals, of being well-known, famous, etc., but we - or the culture in which we find ourselves immersed - seem to pay very little attention to growing.

How does a small seed become an oak tree? How does another kind of small seed become a tomato plant? How does a human embryo become a baby and then a child and then an adult? Obviously all grow. And what does the process of this kind of growth entail? Have you ever seen a child pulling at a budding plant to make it 'grow' faster and merely ripping it out of the ground? Or perhaps you've seen one of those YouTube videos showing how someone tries to help a butterfly emerge from the chrysalis and cause it to shrivel and die, as opposed to emerging in its own time in order to express its metamorphosed glory.

Perhaps if we paid a bit more attention to our own process of growth (which means both inner and outer), as opposed to 'getting' somewhere, or 'becoming' someone, or 'achieving' something, we would - ironically - get there more quickly, or in much better shape. Our growth is as crucial to our development as sentient and spiritual beings, as the time in the chrysalis is crucial to the emerging butterfly. Why not focus on that - on our growth - as opposed to focusing on the end result? Do you really think the caterpillar is focusing on becoming a butterfly? It's focusing on its process of growth and transformation, where transformation is the operative word. And do you really think that while the chrysalis is in formation it is focusing on becoming a butterfly? It's focusing on its process of growth and metamorphosis, where metamorphosis is the operative word. Let's learn from the caterpillar. Let's focus on growth, transformation and metamorphosis, at least as much as we focus on our end result. We might be amazed with the results.

It was Goethe who said: Everybody wants to be somebody; nobody wants to grow, and it was Bach who said: What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly.


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