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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When It's Just Too Much

I'm thinking of Robin Williams today - and so many others in the past who also seemingly felt it was too much, too hard, too terrible to go on. While I have no answers - and certainly don't presume to know what happened in this case of an actor I have admired enormously over the decades - nevertheless I do have some thoughts for all of us when the going gets rough. For some that is a lifetime place they are very familiar with, for others it's just some rough patches (even very bad, very rough patches) that come and go. Depression, demons, fear, loathing, craving, need, emptiness, and pain are just some of the descriptors for those rough patches.

But perhaps there are some lessons here for all of us:
  • the inner life needs to be in a place of high priority
  • self-love is one of the major components of this inner life, and self-love can be mindfully practiced every day by showing yourself that you take good care of yourself (see Loving Yourself: A Roadmap)
  • remaining conscious throughout your waking hours (being 'aware') and being 'present' in as much as possible in our daily activities is something else that needs to be in a place of high priority. This allows you to deal with errant, deceptive, and down-spiraling thoughts that lead to even lower emotions. (see Consciousness is a Full-time Job)
With just these three pillars in place, much can be achieved. 

And of course, without a willingness to do so, none of the above can happen.

May we all use the sadness this day has evoked to help guide our own lives to a better, more loving (including self-loving), and peaceful place. May this gifted man's passing not be in vain, but a clarion call to us to give at least as much importance to that which will sustain us, as opposed to all that which does not. May we recognize that we are magnificent creatures with great abilities to nurture our inner world. May we all find inner peace and may we all be blessed.


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