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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Choosing Wellness

Every thought you have, every conversation you maintain, every book you read, every film or clip you see, every cocktail, BBQ, or dinner party you attend, every emotion that flits through - or remains in - your body, mind, and soul, all have an effect on your wellness. Every reaction you choose to have to all and everything that occurs in your life from the tiniest to the most gigantic events, all have an effect on your wellness. Every food you eat - and the company in which you eat it (or what you do while you eat, should you be eating alone), as well as the conversation and emotions that accompany this eating - every movement you make with your physical body - including the thoughts you entertain while making those movements, whether at the gym, on a bicycle path, or swimming in a lake, as well as the emotions that surge through you as you make these movements - all have an effect on your wellness.

So choosing wellness means choosing how all of the above (and so much more) forms part of your life in such a way that it leads you closer to wellness than not. And that essentially signifies that you choose to become aware of all of your choices all day long, and you choose to do so every day.

Easier said than done.

But let me give you some encouragement. All you really need to do is start. Perhaps today you'll only remember to make good food choices. And perhaps tomorrow you'll forget about that because it's your best friend's birthday and the food at the party is not necessarily the most healthy, but you're enjoying yourself so much that you simply forget - but - you do remember to move gently away with a murmured excuse from the person who is venting most negatively about something going on in their life, or from the person who is dishing on someone else; gossiping, criticizing, judging. And perhaps the day after that, you remember about the food choices again, forget about not choosing to have negative people in your life, but you remember to make a better choice of what you view on television. Then you forget about gratitude but remember about being kind, or on another day you forget about being kind or compassionate (or find you simply cannot be that due to the situation in question, and so make a mental note that this requires further honing and polishing), but are able to remember not to judge. And so it goes.

This becoming aware process, that so much influences the state of your wellness on all levels, doesn't just come about overnight. It has to be practiced, and it has to be internalized. At some point much of it becomes second nature, and you make the higher vibrational choices without too much need for contemplation. And of course at that point - while not necessarily in a perfect place - the state of your wellness will have evolved greatly. One of the things that happens when this occurs, is that you become accustomed to this better state of greater wellness, or greater inner energetic frequency, and so you notice very quickly when it is off, just as I might notice when an air mattress no longer has enough buoyancy and requires a boost from the pump. So then, of course, you will in all likelihood - assuming you wish to return to that higher state of wellness - immediately undertake something to bring the state of your wellness back to a good place.

It's been said many times, and I've certainly repeated it often here on my blogs and in my books: when you start doing some conscious work on one part of your being, other parts generally quickly follow suit, and improve as well. The parts influence the whole and the whole influences the parts. Choose wellness.


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