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Monday, July 7, 2014

Are You Grounded?

Whether or not you are grounded is something you can easily test yourself on. Think back to the last time you lost your cool. Perhaps you were rip-roaring angry (you just found out your partner embezzled the company's funds). Or frightened out of your wits (your doctor just diagnosed you with Stage 2 lung cancer). Or in such pain that you just wanted to curl into a ball and die (your spouse just told you he/she is no longer in love with you and wants a divorce).

Of course losing your cool can also be due to other - much less life-impacting scenarios such as these:
  • the teller at the bank made a colossal mistake - easily remedied - but it happened due to sheer carelessness on the teller's part, and it has cost you hours of precious time over several days and numerous phone calls to ensure everything is fixed.
  • you're stuck in traffic at rush hour - not because there is so much traffic - but because so many people are double-parked, impeding an easy flow of traffic, and there are no traffic cops in sight (but of course the minute you attempt to double park early on a Sunday morning when there is no traffic, a cop immediately pops out of the woodwork).
  • the guy who fixed your roof did a shoddy job and now it's leaking again in the midst of the year's worst possible thunderstorm.
  • the stylist at the salon didn't listen to your instructions and has cut your hair so short that you don't even want to go outside for the next six months.
You get the idea. So, as said, thinking back to any of these greater or lesser moments - how did you react? Because it is in that reaction where you will discover how grounded you are. Were you able to keep your calm? Were you able to not resort to anger, panic, or fear?

What exactly is being grounded about? In case you think I am beginning to sound like a broken record, you are right - I am! Because I repeat the same message over and over in so many different ways. 

Being grounded implies being able to find a place of inner calm when bad things happen. being grounded means knowing that you can rely on yourself to see you through the storm. Not necessarily to solve the problem - just to see you through the storm. When you know that, you can always find that inner place of calm before you begin to look for answers and solutions. 

Therefore being grounded means you will have practiced being conscious and aware, not only of your thoughts and feelings, but also of your reactions and the choices you have about them. It also means you will have practiced remaining present - perhaps by doing a daily mindfulness walk. And of course it also means you will have consciously chosen to become fully responsible for yourself on all levels.

If you are not yet grounded, start today. Start practicing. Choose this because you love yourself, because loving yourself is precisely another one of those inner things that helps maintain you grounded.

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