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Monday, June 30, 2014

The You and the Not You

Who are you when you are not you? In order to discover that, let's first establish who you are. If I asked you, you might tell me that you are a doctor, a man, 37 years old, married, two children, that you have your own practice, and that you vacation in the mountains in the winter and on the beach in the summer. You might also tell me your political, religious, sexual, sports, and culinary preferences. You might talk to me about your hobbies, and you might tell me about your extended family and friends.

If we were to delve a bit deeper, you might also tell me about the state of your finances and investments, you might give me some of your opinions in those tricky conversational matters of politics, religion, and the state of the economy. You might make it very clear on which side of the fence you stand.

So now let's look at the not you. If all of the above - that has just described you - is finite, because one day all of it: all of it, will no longer be here, then the not you is infinite. It is eternal. It is not related to anything that will ever end, because the not you is endless.

So we could also say the the not you is never those fleeting thoughts that occupy most of your mental space. Nor is it the kilo (or 10 kilos) that you would like to trim off your body. Nor is it the feelings and moods you have that often overwhelm you. Nor is it your worries, not even your health concerns.

The not you might be the part of you that observes all of the above as it happens, and whispers to you: why do you let it bother you so much? Why do you allow your well-being to depend on all of that? The not you might be the part that observes - when you are attempting to show someone how wrong they are in their political-religious-financial opinions, and convince them of your opinions - and whispers to you: why is it so important to you to be right? 

The not you might be the part that notices ever-greater nudges of intuition, acknowledges ever-greater interest in honing yourself in many ways, and notices an ever-greater realization that we truly are all one, and furthermore notices an ever-greater inclination to feel love and compassion for all by recognizing the divine in all of us. 

So perhaps you will agree with me that the not you is, in fact, the true you. And the true you has absolutely nothing to do with the way you described yourself as illustrated in the first paragraphs above. Perhaps you will also agree that the true you is, in fact, this eternal, loving, compassionate, and divine being. And if that is so, then doesn't it make more sense to nurture that one at least as much as you nurture the one in the description above?

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