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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Liars in Your LIfe

Surely the most dreadful thing about the liars in our lives is the fact that they do exactly what their description implies: they tell us untruths about something. If we then believe whatever they have lied about, we have incorrect information about something and will proceed on the basis of that incorrect information. Hence we take decisions that are wrong, we may walk down paths that lead us to destinations we were not looking for and conversely - will not lead us to the place we wanted to get to.

What if those liars in our lives were frequently our own fears that feed us with false information? They tell us:
  • that will never work
  • you'll never be able to do that
  • if you try that, you'll fail
  • if you try that, you'll fail and look ridiculous in front of your friends
  • that is much too hard
  • that is much too advanced
  • no one has ever done that before, so it can't possibly be of any value
It was Kipling who said. Of all the liars in the world, sometimes the worst are your own fears. And of course, if we listen to those fears as listed above, we may be convinced by something which may in fact, be a blatant lie.
  • It might work (ask Richard Branson when he started up Virgin Airlines)
  • you might be able to do it (ask Edison when he tried hundreds of times to make a light bulb)
  • if you try that, you might succeed (ask Bethany Hamilton, who got back up on a surf board to compete professionally after losing one of her arms to a shark)
  • if you try that, it might work, and you won't look ridiculous in front of your friends (how about asking Bill Gates, when he left Harvard and set up shop in his parents' garage?)
  • that just might not be too hard (ask Mandela when he began 28 years of prison in Robben Island)
  • that might not be too advanced (ask any researcher on the cutting edge of any given discipline)
  • even though no one has done that before, it just might be  of value (ask film director James Cameron as he ventures into deep underwater photography that has never been successfully done before).
So it bears mentioning that our own fears might be our own worst enemy and certainly might be the liars in our lives. Perhaps we all need to take a look at those fears we harbour and ask ourselves how much of what they are saying to us is a lie.


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