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Monday, October 1, 2012

Your Addictions

Today it's not about alcohol. And it's not about cocaine, or cigarettes, or heroin, or shopping, or sex.

Today's question is about being judgemental. Or being critical of others. Or about being self-critical. Or about caring what others think. Or about needing the approval of someone, or about being addicted to the presence of someone.

You can be addicted to so many modes of behaviour that have nothing to do with substance abuse, and yet whose effects on you are just as pernicious. And about which you have to decide to undertake just as much work as you would if you were abusing a substance. Because they can ruin your life just as surely as being an alcholic can do so.
Remaining addicted has a lot to say about your comfort zones, your difficulty in leaving them, your fear of new modes of behaviour because of the way that will change you. Self discovery, self transformation and making choices also all involve the potential for much fear because of the risk of failure is always there ... you don't know where you are going on this new path, you feel it will take you out into uncharted waters, and so being human - you tend to pull back into the addiction.
Think about it.

It's your life, and only you can decide, and only you can make the choices to begin the road to change. And therein lies freedom.

Photo: Chichen Itzá, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

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