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Friday, August 17, 2012

The Greatest Quality in Life

You take decisions often every day, don't you? Some are easy, some less so, but you know all about taking decisions, and then sticking to them. You might decide to move to another city due to a fantastic job offer, you might decide to stop smoking, you might decide to incorporate some physical activity into your life, you might decide to spend more quality time with your kids, or you might decide to stop straightening your hair, and let it out in all its curly glory.

Imagine taking a decision one day to be happy.

The ability to enjoy life, the ability to be happy, is, from my point of view, the greatest quality in life. With this one quality your life becomes - ipso facto - better, more enjoyable, increasing in satisfaction and daily contentment. What can go wrong, if you have decided - in advance - to always be happy, no matter what?

Imagine waking up in the morning and saying to yourself, no matter what happens today, no matter who does their best to frustrate or anger me, I will not stray from my path of feeling good about my life. No one will have the power to make me leave that path. No event will cause me to leave that path. This means that you correct your feelings, your reactions, at their very inception...in other words, if you notice that something is occurring that is threatening to make you go in another direction, you literally decide to choose another alternative at that moment, because you know - you are aware of the fact - that you have this choice.

You have the choice because in the end it always depends on your own decisions much more than on absolutely anything else. I repeat this over and over again, because in psychology, just as in marketing, it typically requires that a concept is heard or read nine times before it totally sinks in, and this concept of how you feel at any time, and how you react to events, is truly your choice.

Go about your morning, your day, your life with a new decision to give yourself the greatest quality in life ... deciding to live a content life ... no matter what ... simply because you so decide.

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