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Friday, May 25, 2012

Low Frequency Thoughts Erode the Quality of Your Life

Imagine you went through a bad divorce, financially and child custody-wise. But it happened a while ago, and basically doesn’t bother you anymore. But today you caught yourself thinking about it, and going over how you got royally messed about in the financial sector.

Or imagine that you didn’t get a promotion at some point in your life when for all intents and purposes you should have, and someone essentially stepped on your shoulders and got what you should have had. In the meantime you have become relatively successful, and this really no longer irritates you, but today you caught yourself thinking about it and reviewing how you received such unfair treatment from management.

Or imagine that you had written a very clever essay in your English Lit class, you got top grades for it, but when it came time to read a portion of one of the essays to the class, your professor chose to read that of another student. You were hurt at the time, but it’s over, and you have other things on your mind, but today you have caught yourself thinking about it, and remembering how it dismayed you.

And the time your girlfriend cheated on you…you were devastated, but now you have a new girlfriend whom you love in other, much more wonderful ways, and you are happy with her, but something triggered the memory of the betrayal, and you are feeling the flood of obsession and betrayal all over.

And as you find yourself in any of the above – or other similar – situations, you find that you spiral downwards into an inner state that is not good.

It’s of utmost importance to recognize what is going on here. The thoughts you are having about the event in question are low-frequency thoughts that literally erode the quality and the happiness and joy of your life. These are thoughts that immediately bring you to another state than the one you were previously on. If we could equate your state of being to a number on a scale of 0-10, where 0 is awful and 10 is superlative, you might have been going on your day at a 6, and when these thoughts occurred you spiraled down to a 4 or a 3 or even less.

What can you do about this? How can you control such thoughts?

It is literally impossible to be the policeman of all your thoughts all of the time. But it is quite simple to be the observer of your state of being at all times. As you slide down to a lower frequency because of the type of thought described above, you will feel that your state of being has eroded, has climbed down to a place that is not as good as the place you were at before, even if the place you were at before was not so terribly grand either.

The point is, you’ve gone down. And you can do something about this. It’s all up to you.

Become aware of yourself, your state of being, your feelings, and then make the choice to take action in order to bring yourself back up to another level by taking responsibility for yourself. Also see The Energy Barometer, Make Your Mind Body Connection Work For You.

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